Can't change my Tag colors

I had a problem with in this year where I mentioned that certain functions of the PRO 21 was not working… some one on the forum mentioned that if I disconnect my monitors and re-connect them in different ports that those functions would turn on. That was a huge success but another bug sprang up in it’s place where I can’t change any of my Tag colors. Any help would be awesome.

What happens when you attempt to change Tag colors?

You know I forgot to mention that my OS is windows based, but anyways… when I pick on any color my blue bar at the top of the program turns gray and I hear the windows chime going off as to indicate that there is a problem. All of that clears itself by tapping the ‘Escape’ button twice.

Yeah I can see your profile so I know you’re on windows. The processes are similar enough. So you do not see the edit material pallet opening? It may be opening off screen. Jumping in and out of multi monitor setups can sometimes cause this. There is a keystroke series to reacquire the panel here:

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Holy Smokes, I thought I was a Advance User but after this conversation I realize you are an Advance User and I am still an Intermediate User. That worked awesome. Endlessfix you are an Google-plex of information with all things concerning SketchUp. Thank you for being the Subject Matter Expert… hence your name “endlessfix”.


Very kind of you to say, glad you got it solved. But, I’m just standing on the shoulders of giants. I knew there was a windows keystroke sequence to retrieve it but couldn’t for the life of me remember it. A quick search of the forum and @MikeWayzovski to the rescue. Cheers.

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