Switching to Vector in Layout Problem


I’m trying to change my drawings from raster to vector or hybrid in layout. However when I do so, the mac wheel spins forever and doesn’t convert it.

Is there a limit on file sizes? I think my model is quite large. I tried turning off hardware accelerator but I don’t have it, only “fast feedback” which I tried turning off but it doesn’t do anything.

I’m using Layout 2017 and on an iMac OSX El Capitan
Processor: 3.1GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA Ge Force GT 650M 512MB

I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything related.


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Switching from raster to hybrid or vector will definitely slow down you drawing for sure. You might also want to consider the size of the objects in your model. I had the same problem last night and realized some of the models I got from an appliance vendor (Wolf / Subzero) were huge. I switched them back to raster and it worked better. There are a couple clean up apps out there for SU models but I don’t know of any that are really good. Maybe someone will weigh in on this, I’d like to know as well. Also, when all else fails - reboot. Sometimes just giving the computer a fresh start works ok - cleans up the cache and RAM.

thank you for the reply! when i pdf’d the raster drawing from layout it actually looked good so i think i’m ok without it being vector.

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There is “forever” and forever. Staying in raster is faster but for some documents I have had to use a vector or hybrid on a big file and also gotten the beach ball, however I have discovered that if I treat it like rendering and go get a cup of coffee the graffic eventually converts, it’s taken 10-15 even 20 min some times but it does come thru, turns out it was working and not frozen. Not ideal but in a pinch it works if you have the time.

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Rendering in Vector and Hybrid can take longer than Raster but there are some things you can do that help.

Keep the model close to the origin. Don’t let little bits of it get off to Timbuktu.
Turn off layers for entities that aren’t visible in the scene.
Set display Resolution to Medium or Low.


I’ve had this problem - beach ball for 10 minutes then crash or LO would be non responsive. One drawing I had would continually crash going to vector in LO. I isolated it to some windows I brought in from the 3d Warehouse… not sure why - transparency or the overly complex components… I rebuilt the windows to look the same, but be much simpler - and things worked as expected.

Since working on more complex models with interiors / materials / appliance / etc - I’ve been mixing Raster and Vector - I vector render section cuts and stack them over the building section. This requires some juggling of viewports and some setup - but results are nice, and my LO files are far more responsive.

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Switching the Display Resolution to Low in Document Setup>Paper also has some effect on the responsiveness of LayOut.


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