Switch from SU7 to SU 2015, lag issues


So I just recently upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 and got the latest NVIDIA drivers. I had both SU7 and 2015 installed in 8.1 and decided to use my install of 2015 rather than 7, which both provided great performance previously. SU7 ran fine in Windows 10 before I uninstalled it…

I am having issues with models lagging in SU 2015 that never used to in SU 7. It’s odd because I’ve tried every combination of the OpenGL settings as well as forcing certain settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel. It doesn’t do the thing where it turns off “receive shadows” when orbiting to speed things up AND it’s still just as laggy with shadows OFF. My install of SU7 ran fine, but I no longer have 7 to switch back to 8(

SU 2015 is maxing out 1 of my processor cores, I say this as my CPU is a quad core i7 and SU stays pegged at around 22%

SU Version: 2015
OS: Windows 10
NVIDIA driver version: 353.62

Models below about 12MB seem fine, but anything larger lags constantly. This never happened in SU7, in SU 2015 it’s unusable. Any idea why this might be happening?


Additional info:
Some times when I open a model it’ll run smooth as and use at most 17% of the CPU just orbiting but other times when I load up the model it’ll use the whole processor core (around 24%) and lag!!. Is there any way to diagnose extensions to see if something is hogging resources?


Try disabling all extensions to learn if they’re causing the problem.

Disabling Ruby Scripts — SketchUp Help


Still lags with everything disabled.

I’ve run the program in compatibility mode for Win8 which mostly fixes this lag, but SU takes about 1 minute to start or often fails to start and hangs at times. Seems like a compatibility issue with Windows 10. I have done a fresh install of 2015 but hasn’t helped.

If it isn’t laggy the CPU usage won’t go above 18% at any point while orbiting, if it does lag it’ll reach nearly 25%, yet it’ll still lag even if it isn’t using a full core at the time of orbiting.

I assume SU 2016 will be more compatible with Win 10, might just be a matter of waiting


The official skiny:
Early Adopters (of New OS Versions) Be Cautious

Basically, No, SketchUp 2015 does not support Win10, and SketchUp’s update and release cycle is not synchronized with Apple’s nor Microsoft’s.