SU 2016 Lag.....all of a sudden

Hi all,
I have been modelling in SU 2016 since it’s release with no real issues, all other versions have also been relativley trouble free.
Had a break of about a week recently and as soon as I went back to use SU 2016 and start to model I noticed a fair bit of lagging when orbiting around even the smallest of models. I currently use an iMac (2014 model) which has been fantastic to sue with this software.
I have installed the most recent update and this did not change things. It’s starting to get a little frustrating, mainly due to there being no real reason for it from what I can tell.

Can anybody help me with this? all advice welcome.

Thanks, Ben.

This is an acknowledged problem with SU 2016 and Mac OS X 10.11.4. They are trying to sort it out. See Orbit heavy lag with Mac OS X 10.11.4
Delay using wacom tablet

Oh my, thank you so much for that!

Removing Wacom Utility (that I don’t use anyways) solved my annoying lagging problem, and made me a happy modeller again :grinning:

Oh no :hushed: It was just that I turned off hardware acceleration at the same time but forgot about it. That made modelling smooth, but lines disappeared from faces when modelling in top view. Wierd problems… When HW-acc is back on, lagging comes back too.

OpenGL seems to be problematic for me too after updating my Mac Mini 2011 to 10.11.5 (from 10.11.3) last night.

The lagging is unbearable :cold_sweat:

Hi There, I appreciate that this “problem” is being ironed out as we speak. Is there any idea when this will be? as I’m hoping to upgrade to a new 15inch MacBook pro and obviously this will come with El Capitan? Many thanks MrNige

Presumebly you’ve seen the post on here about the SkecthUp 2016/ElCapitan 10.11.5? Hopefully It’ll get sorted soon? can you use Time Machine and go back to the time before? (Just a thought) as some people have seemed to cured it that way.

The two “solutions” people have used are to fall back to SU 2015 or to back off to an earlier release of OS X. Which is easier will depend on your systems details. Also, the problem only occurs if the model has multiple scenes, which likewise may or not be useful to you. As usual, Trimble has not given any information about how and when a fix may be ready (it is unusual that they have publicly acknowledged the problem).