Bad performance on iMac


I just downloaded SketchUp 2016 today.

I noticed that, even with an empty architectural design template, rotating or panning the camera lags terribly. The same holds for pulling/pushing faces etc. I can move the mouse around for almost a second without feedback. No plugins, just a plain fresh install, which is currently in PRO trial mode.

I also have a 2015 version of SketchUp which runs smooth. Verified that OpenGL hardware acceleration and fast feedback are enabled in the preference (all preferences are default).

Is this a known issue with OSX/iMac in general?

Running OSX El Capitan.

Model Name: iMac
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 3,4 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 4
L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
L3 Cache: 6 MB
Memory: 16 GB

Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M
VRAM (Total): 4096 MB
Vendor: NVIDIA

Resolution: 2560 x 1440
Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)

Thanks in advance and best regards

There is a known problem with SU 2016 and Mac OS X 10.11.4 or .5 that causes lags and jumps on orbit. Trimble has said they are working with Apple to figure it out, but it has been a while with no further reports of progress.

Interesting. I use SU 2016 Pro on an iMac and OSX 10.11.4 but do not seem to have this problem. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M 512 MB.

Thanks for the info!

Here’s the main thread for this issue:

Incidentally, are you using a Wacom tablet?


Thanks, will read up on that thread. I have a Wacom tablet but it’s not currently in use.


Upon reading the other thread I found someone mentioning they were using SmoothMouse ( and disabling it made SketchUp orbit + mouse interaction work again.

I use it too because mouse acceleration in OSX drives me crazy. So, after turning SmoothMouse off I can verify that the problem went away. I do however need SmoothMouse behaviour for all my other OSX usage. For now I will turn it on and off during SketchUp work.

Thanks again for turning me in the right direction.

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I am on iMac / SU 2016. I find panning and orbiting difficult with the Magic Mouse, so I have an old three button mouse plugged in to use with SU, and use the magic Mouse for everything else. a bit inconvenient, but it works.