SU 2018 now Laggy on MBP

Upgraded to 2018 on my 13" retina MBP with 8gb ram. Now SU is supper Laggy. It’s like a 1.5 second lag between clicks and actions…wtf?

What version of Mac OS are you using?

What version of SketchUp did you upgrade from?

Generally lags like you report get traced to graphics card/graphics driver issues. Intel graphics are well known for being lackluster in OpenGL support which SketchUp requires.

What are the rest of your specs?

8GB is quite low these days for 3D, suggests you have an older MBP, what integrated graphics are you using they could be struggling with the Open GL requirements especially if on an integrated chipset.

Went from 2017 to 2018.
High Sierra 10.13.4

2017 ran smoothly

3ghz intel i7
intel 4000

Should be ok not much further behind my MBP. Are you running any other software at the same time that could be eating up the memory allocation?

And it’s lag on click actions, not on 3D rotation and such.

Are you running any Plugins that could be slowing it down, when you upgraded (if so) did you do a clean install of them all? Rather than copying them from a directory.

Clean install. Nothing else running

Not sure then sorry, I have a 13" MBP, 3.1 i7, 16GB DDR3, Intel 6100 and running models into hundreds of MB’s in 2018 without issue. I had until recently also been running on a 17" MBP with 8GB memory and although slower there was no delay in selection. All I can suggest is another clean install sorry :frowning:

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