New sketch up 2021 is lagging in macOS , m1

hi, the sketch up 20201 pro is lagging in term of speed while working on a 1 mb model in my MacBook Pro, m1 chip,
can you help ???

I’m not a Mac user but it is interesting to see different behaviours:

Perhaps your setting or environment is different.
I hope other Mac users can help you…

I truly believe that… but this is the problem I am facing with MacBook 13" , m1 chip,

:thinking: What happens if you try to switch off the edge profiles ?:


no … its lagging still

  • It is only in the specific file (you can share it with us to check), or generally lagging?
  • Did you install SU properly? Or you are start to run from the dmg image?
  • Do you have an attached secondary monitor?
  1. yes I can
  2. yes as per the instruction provided in installation guide.
  3. yes… its windows based… dell monitor… the the system is Mac :grinning:

another large size model is working fine … only this one in particular …

though I. am still on trial version… that should not cause a problem

If it is a specific model, then we need to see the model to be able to help.

sure… also while zooming in
,its missing faces,

Upload your file into your next post:


(Or just drag and drop the file to reply window)

3d4.skp (1.3 MB)

There is a group about 5km from the model origin, try to delete it…


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The group @dezmo has pointed out is causing the clipping, missing faces when you zoom in.

The decorative geometry of the screen will be causing issues. It is very messy and contains far too much extraneous geometry. Simply cleaning these up and using components instead of groups will make life easier.
GIF 6-01-2022 7-17-53 PM


I use sketchup in my MacBook Pro M1 max, and big models work perfect, even with high definition textures, both chips, the m1 and the m1 max have the same cpu core, the only difference is the amount of cores, but sketchup uses just one core, so both chips must perform the same. Try coping parts of your model into a new file, until you find what’s causing the lagging.

Huh, smooth as silk on my 8th gen i7 based PC (full specs in my user info) even before cleaning up drawing.
Even got 59+ FPS

There are over 1.4 million edges in the group for the lattices. Surely, as @Box has pointed out there isn’t a real need for that much detail and better ways to model it. As is, this combined with the distant group that @dezmo noted are enough to make many computers struggle. I don’t know why your M1 Mac would be affected more than others. Perhaps a problem with how SketchUp is using the M1’s graphics?

I tried the file on my work MacBook Pro, Intel, and on my own M1 Max MacBook Pro, with SketchUp running under Rosetta. Even without fixing the distant geometry the model operated smoothly. Except for when I viewed the model from a certain angle, and did a zoom extents. After that my Intel Mac got into a confused state, and I had to force quit. My M1 Max Mac survived, and I could still smoothly orbit the model.

Cleanup3 cleared up several hundred thousand faces that you don’t need and there is that thing a long way from the origin, which certainly won’t help (although it runs just fine here anyway)