SVG import extension for SketchUp Pro 2019

I am trying SketchUp Pro for the 30 day free trial and trying to down load a SVG program but can’t seem to get pass the downloading. Have looked at some of the YouTube material but does not seem like those programs are currently active. Can anyone point me to one that will load into the “Rubie Files”. I have one in the Management File but it doesn’t work.

Thanks for anyhelp

An SVG file is a vector graphics file, not a program.

It sounds like you wish to install an extension that will import SVG image files.
There is a very old one, and it may not work in current SketchUp versions. (it is not properly wrapped up as a SketchUp extension.)

Trimble’s Extension Warehouse has no SVG importer extensions.

This post says you can open the SVG in Inkscape, export it as DXF.
Then use one of the DXF importer extensions or SketchUp Pro’s native DXF importer.

I don’t know what this means.

Thanks for your help. Yes I was looking at SketchUp Pro as a one site tool. I really don’t like moving through several programs to get a project completed. I see where SketchUp did have a SVG plugin that worked and a You Tube video showing how to load it into SketchUp but there doesn’t seem to be one for the 2019 version?
I am doing cnc router projects and it would be really nice to have an SVG all in one program.

Just be aware that LAYOUT cannot import or export SVG files.

A another frustrating limitation of LAYOUT

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