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We have used Sketchup make in the past with Thea to render the scenes. I cannot see any way of using Thea with Sketchup Free. Can anyone help me please?

Export the SKP file to your computer and then open it in your desktop version of Sketchup and send it to Thea as you’ve done before.

What sort of renders and scenes are you doing?

Trimble indicates that Sketchup Free has all the features of Sketchup. I can’t figure out how to install any extensions into SUF either and yet I should be able to. Web-based apps have extensions as a schema without problem. Also can’t import .dxf or dwg files. So…
rather then having to use an other existing copy of SU, it seems like the real question is why is SUF so compramised - and it being free isn’t a reason because SU was free. Any suggestiions on how I might add extensions to SUF ie. via browser?

No you shouldn’t be able to. The feature to install extensions in SketchUp Free isn’t implemented yet. New features are being added frequently, though.

CAD import is a Pro only feature. Like SketchUp Make, SketchUp Free is for non-commercial use only.

You can’t.

dave, thanks for the super-fast reply, re: browser-related install thanks for the “to the point” answer, that will save me time even though I can’t do it . I just see it done in wordpress environments, so much I thought such an architecture could exist with SUF. I wonder how the SUF app is being implemented… oh well.

Glad to hear they are going to continue to add features that is really good news.Oh, I’m not doing any CAD stuff just that .DXF or .DWG seem like good interchange file formats, What I’m doing is using Adobe Illustrator to create rather complex logos and then want to import them into SUF where I can then use Make Faces extension and then extrude all the faces.

It’s in the pipeline I believe. That’s why Make is still available so it does not mess up anybody’s workflow but the goal is to support plugins etc at some point. I think maybe it’s something they will announce at basecamp if not before? I have a feeling it’s part of a bigger strategy so probably quite tight lipped.

Either way, DXF and DWG file imports are a pro-only feature. It sounds like you are creating logos for your business and if you are using SketchUp for that, you need to be using SketchUp Pro so you would have those import options.

Thanks for the update Liam (hope I got your name right :slight_smile: )

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I remember (a whilte back, but concept still holds) that in high tech product marketing we’d use feature set product positioning (and then obviously price positioning). It’s interesting that file format support alternatives are being utilized in such a fashion - not what I would consider feature set rich elements, rather utilitarian instead… but then again, I’d like to have them ha ha

There are a lot of other features included with SketchUp Pro that aren’t included with Make but one key thing is that Pro is licensed for commercial use while Make and SketchUp Free are not.

Very good point. Question regarding pricing, do you think Trimble might consider a subscription pricing model for SketchUp Pro as what Adobe now uses - it has worked out quite well with high value applications that have frequent updates and enhancements.

In my opinion the pricing structure as it is doesn’t seem to be a problem. There have been plenty of discussions regarding the idea of a subscription model like Adobe has gone to. Most professional users seem to be against that idea and prefer it the way it is.

It is always an interesting topic and can lead to some lively conversation. Dave, I have to go now but a moment to thank you for the insight and helpful conversation. Bill

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