Importing an SVG or TIFF file into Sketchup?


I have a simple black and white design which I have as an svg or tiff file (basically it’s a design for a grating to go on front of a telescope), and I’d like to be able to import it to Sketchup, extrude it by a couple of mm, and then prepare it for 3D printing.

Rather than it being simply a texture for a 3d surface, I’d like the blanks in the design to be holes, and the black bits to be solid, hope that makes sense ?

I have the freeware version of Sketchup.

Anyone know how I can do it ?

Thanks very much

raster files as e.g. JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF can be imported as an entity in the model via “File > Import…” by using the option “Use as Image”.

Manually digitizing the raster data by sketching over the image will lead to extrudable vectors.

Vector data of SVGs cannot be imported natively by SU but you can convert them to the DWG/DXF format (= industry standard for 2D CAD data) by using free Inkscape.

more info at:
• SketchUp Help Center : Importing and Exporting Image Files

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