Import SVG image and extrude based on contours

I have a (simple) question. Is there any way to get a SVG Image into Sketchup 2016 and then extrude it based on contours? I’m trying to make a 3D map from a 2D topographical map that I have.
I have looked around a bit and the plugins that i found in the depths of the internet did not work.
So does anyone know how to do this?
I don’t want to put the image into SketchUp and then draw all of the lines by hand, because it is a large file ( the SVG is about 2MB big ).

I would be really thankful for any help!

I haven’t see any SVG importers but you could open the file in Inkscape and save it as a DXF file which could be imported into SketchUp. Generally you’ll need SketchUp Pro to import vector files, though.

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So there is not easy and free way to do this?

Getting from SVG to DXF is easy enough and Inkscape is free.

But to use DXF with SketchUp you would need SketchUp Pro, right?
I already have Inkscape.

Yes. CAD imports are a feature of SketchUp Pro. They are considered the sort of thing needed for commercial applications. Of course if you’re using SketchUp for work, you would need to have Pro anyway.

Well, thank you for the quick reply! I think I’ll just convert the image to BMP or something, load it into SketchUp and trace the lines by hand. If I had lots of things like this to do, I would buy Pro, but this is the only thing i have to do with SVG and SketchUp.
So, I think i know what i’ll be doing in the next few days …

Thank you for all your answers!

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Thanks for the tip of using Inkscape for the SVG to DXF. That worked great. I used…

  • Save As > Desktop Cutting Plotter (AutoCAD DXF R14) *.dxf.
  • Options: use LWPOLYLINE type of output with a Base Unit of “Inch”.
  • All other default settings.

The contours came into SketchUp (Pro) just as lines, quick and easy. Thanks!