Surfaces need "fixing" after import from DXF

I’ve found a work-around to my problem, but it’s getting tedious. I’m hoping there’s an easier way, since I’m using this workflow to get 2D corel drawing dxf exports into sketchup.

I’m using CorelDraw 2018 to create a 2D drawings which will be used to laser cut 3 mm thick material.

I export the drawing to a DXF, import that dxf into Sketchup and explode the resulting component.

Sketchup doesn’t recognize the surface enclosed by the drawing. I noticed that even though the drawing was exported as a combined object in CorelDraw, it consists of multiple line segments after export into Sketchup.

So, I use the weld extension to combine the line segments. The all weld ok, but still I can’t push/pull a surface.

But, if I draw a short line segment on any edge, the enclosed surface is recognized by Sketchup and I can push/pull it. It doesn’t seem to matter how long the draw segment is, it magically fixes my issue.

Any additional closed items inside that surface must also be “fixed”. Circles (for holes), and rectangles (for tabe slots) are not recognized as surfaces by Sketchup until I draw a short line on the internal shape.

It works, but it’s a bit of hassle to have to draw a line on every hole on the imported object so I can change the flat surface to a 3mm thick object.

It happens regardless of the closed shape that was exported from CorelDraw, even a simple rectangle

Is this a known Sketchup bug, or am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier workaround?

Can you share the DXF file?

I don’t expect it’s a bug.

Sure, but I’m a brand new forum user. How to attach the file?

Upload button. 7th from the left in the row of buttons above where you type your post.

Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

Trying to uploadtest rectangle.dxf (160.0 KB)

Ok, I think I got it uploaded. It’s just a rectangle.

I don’t have to weld the rectangle. Just explode the component. But, I have to draw a short line segment on any edge before a surface is recognized.

OK. So DXF files don’t normally have faces. One solution would be to draw a large rectangle in the same plane as the edges. Then explode the imported component and run Intersect Faces. There are some extensions out there that can make faces. One that comes to mind is called Make Faces. I think it’s at Sketchucation or Smustard but I’ll have to look it up.

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Would a single enclosing large rectangle with run Intersect Faces make all internal shapes have faces? That would be awesome! Trying that now…

“No intersections found between selection set and the rest of the model” (but I’ve never used that feature before, maybe I’m doing something wrong)

Got the intersect faces to work. That’ fixed the outside perimeter shap, but not the internal holes

Usually it does work.

Here’s the Make Faces extension from Smustard. After installing it through the Install Extension button in the Extension Manager, you should find it in the Tools menu. Select all of the edges and run the tool.
MakeFaces.rbz (4.4 KB)

If you still have holes start looking for gaps at corners.

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My bad, just didn’t have everything selected. That’s much easier than what I’ve been doing! Thanks! I’ll try the extension now…

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So, what will the extension do for me that intersect faces won’t? Just eliminate the need to draw the enclosing rectangle?

Basically that.

That’s awesome! You just save me much tedious work. Now, to find the button to thank you, if the forum supports that

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