Trouble importing DWG and DXF files from both Illustrator and Corel

I am trying to figure out how to import DWG and DXF files created in both Corel and Illustrator. I can import them but when I try to select the graphic I can only select a small part of it. I am using Sketchup to calculate square footage for 3D letter signage.

What do you mean exactly? What small part? What you get when importing is essentially a zillion small line segments. If you import into an empty file, the result will be loose lines, if the file already has some content, the import will be grouped.

What import units are you using? Note that Corel or Illustrator exports essentially an image of the current page, so when importing directly the graphic may be too small for Sketchup to work on correctly. You might try a larger import unit and to scale it to the right dimensions afterwards.


And you will always get more targeted assistance if you can show the problem with a screenshot, the model, …

Its all good now. We were able to figure out another way to do what we wanted.

Maybe someone else will have this question in the future too, it would be nice to share your workaround here.

We’re just using it to help us figure out square footage for 3D signage letters.