Surface between areas (n00b-question)

This is a beginners question…but,
how do i create a surface on my model (as shown in picture) in the area in the middle where its empty… I have tried to just draw lines between them but i keep getting triangles which in my opinion doesnt look so nice…Any tips from SketchUp pro’s out there?

You’ll probably need to triangulate this—Since it’s unlikely that the four corners fall upon the same plane. . . the three corners of a triangle always define a common plane, so it’s the go to technique when all else fails.

there could be a few different ways to triangulate here, so experiment some to get what you need.

Ok, thanks!

Is there a way to hide the lines from the model (so that it looks like it is just one element), if I have to triangulate?
Have tried to hide edges but it just doesn look right to me…

the lighting is highlighting the plane changes here.

you could try changing the lighting direction around, or rotate the model so it catches the lighting differently.

OR, increase the amount of triangulation being used… subdividing the span into smaller faces will tend to diminish the angle of the plane change that’s happening.

OR… Don’t do any triangulation at all… Instead see if you can adjust the center pitch angle so that a four point plane will work.

allrigth! Thank you very much for the answers JimD! hero of the morning today! :slight_smile:

Don’t hide the edges of the triangles, soften them. Use the eraser+ctrl to soften them.

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Ok, here we go again…

I want to use the Follow Me tool on this object, but it seems to be impossible to create a surface between the lines as showed in model… What can I do?

The two most likely reasons are,
the three edges don’t form a flat plane or
it’s too small to form a face.
But that is all we can guess from your screenshot.
Best bet is to start with a rectangle and draw your curve on it.

Is there another/smarter way to create an object that has the properties like the object in this picture?
I feel kind of stuck at the moment with my fair amount of knowledge in SketchUp :sweat:

Start with a rectangle from the centre of the dome out to where the pipe finishes, draw the profile for half the dome then the path for the pipe. Eraser the bits you don’t need si you have a profile and a path. Add a circle at the centre point of the dome and at the end of the pipe. Then use follow me as appropriate.
I’m on my phone at the moment so you get a description rather than a demo.

Im not sure I understand what you mean @Box . To clearify; I want to make an object that looks like the concrete object in this picture…Maybe the previous image was a little unspecified…

Do you want to make the finished concrete form or the clever device used to shape it?

the finished concrete :slight_smile:

Draw a face for the profile and use Follow Me around the circle. In order to get the face, you need to make sure all of its edges are in the same plane.

Box is probably making an animated GIF of this too.

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You might be surprised, I find really complex models on my computer that I have no recollection of drawing.

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This is what I was trying to describe earlier.