Super slow model

I purged, I cleaned up with extensions, I eliminated unwanted layers, everything I could possibly do.
However the model, a simple garage door, is still slow and borderline unfit to work with.
Could some kind, smart soul help me find out what trash is hiding where in the model?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with and help you get it sorted.

Here is the link to the problematic super slow model(s). Thank you.

For reference, here are my computer specifications:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Not sure what happened but it looks like you have something corrupted in the file. I copied the doors into a new file and it behaves nicely. Note the file size difference.
Garage Door.skp (359.6 KB)

The other file performs reasonably well. Lots of reversed faces that ought to be corrected.

Further to @DaveR post, I agree something was going on with one of your materials/textures. When I tried to delete all your materials, my system would not respond “Not Responding”. I then changed all your materials to default and copied to a new file. Everything worked perfect in the new file.

Importantly, materials/textures can really gum up the works for SketchUp. Your downloaded file was 13,471KB after I removed your materials, the new file was 161KB (with no materials). This is a function of the number of materials and size of material/texture files.

Good luck with your modeling.

There are more than a million orphaned text entities somewhere in outer space. After deleting those the file size fell to about 1 MB.
GARAGE DOOR_purged.skp (1005.8 KB)


Thank you, Dave! It puts a smile on my face!

I had also uploaded the model into the 3D warehouse and imported it back into a new file or imported the slow original file into an newly opened file and nothing changed even after all the cleaning up and purging.
Would you be kind enough to let me know exactly what you did when you say you “copied the doors into a new file”?

Thank you so much!

I selected them, hit Edit>Copy, went to a new SketchUp file, hit Edit>Paste in place.

I didn’t look for the text entities. I probably should have.

Thank you, man!
I actually don’t know how one looks for “unwanted” text entities to delete them…

As @Anssi wrote:

Screenshot - 10_9_2022 , 2_09_43 PM

I selected the doors, went to the Edit menu and chose Invert Selection. Deleting all that text fixed the model for me, too.

You’re teaching me something here, Anssi.
How do we look for “orphaned text entities” and get rid of them?

That is a bit convoluted, but as Dave said: Select what you want to keep, and then choose “Invert Selection”. Then press Delete.

You guys made my day!
Thank you!

Like Dave, I looked at the other file as well. Using the select what you see, invert selection, delete, got rid of over 800,000 other entities. Dave has a beefy PC, but on my work Mac the model was not completely smooth. With the extra entities deleted it then became smooth, as well as dropping in file size by 6 MB.

Thank you so much!