Suggestion of improvement of section plane tool

I was thinking of an improvement to the section plane tool, which would apply in cases of window opening in height that goes beyond the standard, section planes with different cuts to the observer, and other situations that may serve others program users …

Perhaps a good improvement is something like making “editing” the section plane as if it were a group, and you can create more than one section plane in the “same” cut plane, that is, in the same plan group.

Of course in the model I made Section experiment.skp (395.2 KB) is just an attempt as this would be, however, in the upgrade to the 2019 version “should be” done with the section plane tool itself.


here is a temporary solution:

I had already read this topic and it was precisely from it that I began to think of a possible upgrade to the section plane tool.

But anyway, thanks for giving me an answer :slight_smile:

Yeah, @Eduardo, that kind of thing you posted above would be a great help in using SKP in drafting. Please keep us updated!

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This would be highly useful indeed!

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