Jogging Section Cuts - Possible?

Hi guys,

Newbie (sorta) here. I also use Rhino and Vectorworks for modeling and drafting, etc.

When I draw a 2D Drafting of an Elevation Section for a room, I will draw it so it begins and terminates in wall openings (even if they are not across from one another.)

This means on the plan view, I will show a Section Line that does a little jog so it goes through the openings. (example below)

Is there a way to accomplish this section cut in 3D space in SKP so I get that jogged cut? Or should I just plan on having the straight section planes when making my cuts in SKP?

Thanks, and thanks in advance for all my future questions as I learn…

Yes, there is a way. It requires using Layout and making TWO section cuts in SketchUp.

Let’s say you want section A-A.
Make the two cuts, each through desired regions.
Label them with unique names (A-north and A-south for example).
Display each section and create a scene for each (again A-north and A-south).
In Layout, import the model and create two windows.
In one window, display A-north and in the other, A-south.
Be sure the two windows have the same properties: scale, line weight, etc.
Crop each window so that just the portion of the section you desire is visible.
Align the windows side by side so it appears they are a single section.
You can group them so you can then move the entire section display where you like in your presentation.

There may be other methods to do what you want, but this is the one I found by experimentation and it works pretty well. The most difficult task is aligning the sections precisely, as Layout’s tools for doing that aren’t robust.


Thanks, tpdes. Smart workaround. I will keep that one under my hat, though, yes, I’d love to find a true customizable section plane. If no-one else comes to the table with it, I will use your excellent idea, thanks so much.

You’re welcome.
We might ask @DaveR for a solution; I’ve seen complex models he’s created that do what you are after and more.
But I do not think SketchUp has any method to create a jogged section cut. Not in a single operation, anyway.
Good luck.

Actually, it takes three section cuts. You can divide the walls in two parts (Groups) and place Section Planes in them both. The two should be grouped in the ‘Master’ group were the (topview) section plane is placed:

here is the file:

joggingsectioncuts.skp (203.1 KB)

EDIT: Since @DaveR is taking a walkabout, or lost in his Shop, we are having a hard time coping with keeping up the forum, It should be two section planes in each group:

and here is the file:
joggingsectioncuts.skp (246.7 KB)

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What’s the purpose of the horizontal section plane?

When I make building sections, I want to cut through everything from foundation to roof. To do otherwise is confusing to the contractor. I believe @MisterBananaPants wants to see the full height of walls (at least) in his sections.

Yes, or to be more specific, I want the ability to choose exactly what shows up in the section cut.

That is why I made the edit

Yes. But didn’t you mean to say you need just ONE section plane per group? :smile:

Mike, your method certainly works. So does mine. I guess it depends on what the final goal is. When creating construction documents, especially of a complex building, it may be awkward to go through the work necessary to do what your example shows (hiding unwanted lines, etc.), AND while the project is still in development, making such groups as in your example, is counter productive to editing what is almost certainly groups of such things as structure, finishes, mechanical, and so on, that span across the section jog. Of course, for such complex projects, the designer will undoubtedly turn to Layout or some other such presentation product, to annotate, dimension, and otherwise display the model in terms contractors understand and expect.
Nevertheless, there is additional work required either way that @MisterBananaPants wishes to avoid (and I’m with him in that, 100%).
I’m attaching a simple .skp that compares both methods (yours and mine). I haven’t discovered how to make cool animations like yours. Sorry.
Sections.skp (915.7 KB)

As are jogged vertical section planes, it will give nifty pictures, but you would have to add some extra information in order to satisfy the contractor.

The OP’s request was

Though it is not a ‘one step’ way, which it never really is, i think, it is a way…

Indeed. The day building departments and contractors accept digital 3D documents instead of 2D printed orthographic projections for constructing what is inherently a three dimensional product, will be the day when issues such as this become moot.

Already, we’re able to visualize a thing in programs such as SketchUp, port it to a 3D printer or CNC machine without any paper intermediate, and produce that thing. The longer I work with CAD (which I interpret as “Computer Assisted Design”–drafting being a necessary evil), the more I put off producing ANY 2D documentation. Clients respond readily to a 3D image (your “nifty pictures”) when they may balk at a 2D projection of that same thing.

And one day, we’ll all ride around in self piloted air cars. :wink:

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