Section Slices fitted to a room?

Problem: I need to export elevations of specific rooms, in both black-and-white-line-drawing and full-color-image formats.

I have the entire house designed as 1 entity, and if I try to add section slices according to each room, I end up with a godawful mess. 38 rooms x 4 elevations = 152 section slices for just the rooms = it looks like a Jello Cube.

Is there a way to either cut down / group 4 section slices to a specific room, OR somehow break up the model into overlapping sub-models (like Revit) and… I’m lost at this point. Mostly a newbie to Sketchup, need to figure out this workflow issue or I’ll drown in details.

You can make each room a group or component, or model them as separate groups/components, if you get inside of the room you can add a section cut that will affect just the objects in that group, using scenes you can hide the rest of the model except for the rooms you need to generate the elevations.

1.) OK, that makes sense. I’ll try that approach.

But how would it work with the walls between different rooms? Wouldn’t they show up double on the floorplans / overall section slices? Or they would align perfectly so you can’t tell it’s a duplicate?

2.) If I model the rooms as separate components, how would that work with the entire model? Is there a way to have a “link” between Entire_House_Model.skp and Bedroom_1.skp? E.g. they’re 2 separate files on disk but show up in 3D as 1 merged entity.

If each room is a separate component, you can then copy each room separately outside of the whole building.

Create a scene for each room, labeled accordingly. Create another scene to show the whole building.

This will allow you to click on a scene to see a particular room.

The nice part is that, if you need to modify one room, you can do it on the instance that is detached from the building. Any modification will be reflected in the other instance that is inside the building.

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This is how I would do it based on what you are starting with.

Create a Group from Slice from a Section of the entire project.

Hide the model then Explode the Group and recreate the Faces (I use Eneroth’s ‘Create Faces’ Plugin).

Add colours as necessary then ReGroup.

Create as many copies of the Group as you need individual rooms, then edit each Group leaving just the room you require.

Create separate Scenes for each Group using a Style to show Colour and another Style to show just the line-work.

Create a Layout Document then import each Scene onto separate Sheets and Export to PDF.