Method to create interior room elevations, simpler than section planes in components, clipping masks, and such?

Is it possible to take the model of a house, and export the North, South, East, West views from inside each room? Preferably in PNG and DWG formats.

I know I can do it with the following process:

1.) Create each room as a Component. (Let’s say 10 rooms).
2.) Inside each Component, create 4 Section Planes (so they extend only to the component, and not the entire model). (So 40 Section Planes).
2.1) Sub-question: is it possible to show the “front” and “back” of the SAME Section Plane in different scenes? Or creating 4 separate ones is unavoidable?
3.) Create a Scene showing each Section Plane (so 40 Scenes).
4.) Set up each Scene with the proper appearances.
5.) Export each Scene as color PNG and DWG. So that’s 80 export actions. (I’m putting them into CorelDraw, with notes and other info, so it’s easier for me to compile all the various assets into 1 “Spec Book” in a program I’m familiar with.

I found a plugin that creates a Layout page for each Scene, so that might cut down on Step 5.

But still, I would LOVE to find a way to pick a Component, and say “I need to cut this in half, show me both halves, then rotate the cut 90 degrees, show me those 2 halves also”.

Does something like this exist, or am I dreaming?

I’d use the search, but I don’t even know what to call it.

Aaargh. Apparently something like that did exist a couple of years ago, but it was a “bug that was being used as a feature”, and it went away. Thread for reference: Position Camera bug in 2022 - #29 by Box

I got some ideas from @MikeWayzovski in that thread, but any new advice for 2024 would be appreciated.

Or, hell, can I just pay someone to teach me to set this process up properly once and for all? LOL.

The “bug” can still be exploited, but the results cannot be exported as Vector or Hybrid rendered from LayOut, only Raster rendering works. Using section planes is the recommended method.