Cropping out view in SketchUp


I am new to SketchUp and I have imported a large 3-story building model from Revit. I would like to know how to crop out a single room.

I really need all of your help!

You ought to share your file so people can see what you are working with.

I have a model like this one:

Screenshot 2024-02-03 234527

and I want to crop out a few rooms to get such isometric views like this:

If the model is organized with Groups and Components and/or tagged you could toggle the visibility of everything except the walls, floor and those furniture components. Then place Section Planes as needed along the x and y axes.

Is each room a separate group?

It’s imported as a Revit file

How can I place lots of section planes and make them all active?

Creating nested groups with active sections inside the groups, but it could be a nightmare of sections, I’d model each room as a component, how many kinds of rooms does the model have?

It has many rooms,
I want to do isometric views for about 15 of them

I don’t know a fast way to do that, creating lots of section cuts isn’t a good idea for me, you’ll have to create some groups to have various active sections and it can become confusing and messy, I would model separately each room, modeling a room shouldn’t take you more than 10 mins as a beginner, you’ll have to do just the walls and floor, the windows, doors and furniture just copy and paste from the main model.

I did a Studio subscription just so that I can easily work with my Revit file, and not model them in SketchUp,
So I guess my only option is to do lots of sections,
How do I activate multiple sections at once?

You’d add them to Groups. But that would be a mess. And if you’d have to use Groups to use Section Planes anyway, it would be good to create useful Groups/Components out of the geometry you have and then toggle the visibility of some of those off.

If you shared the file it would be easier than guessing what you have. Aren’t there any Groups or Components in the model?

This is the building I have:

Those are my Tags that are from Revit:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 012721

Entity Info, in the Default Tray will show you what you have selected. I’m presuming that the Tags are on Groups and or Components. You can also see all of the Groups and Components in your model in the Outliner Tray. You can toggle visibility be either Tag or with the visibility toggles in the Outliner. You want to toggle the visibility of as much of the extra stuff as possible before adding the section planes.

If you try to use only section planes you’ll have a mess (because you’d be trying to hide things above and below at the same time), like this:

So what other things can I do though?
Can I add more than one section to a group?

Search for this video: How to create two active section cuts at once in SketchUp - Quick Win

Do you know how to work within the context of Groups?

no, I don’t :roll_eyes:

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Did you find the Outliner? It’s a panel in the trays. You’ll want to get used to toggling visibility, of Tags and in the Outliner.

You can ‘read’ what’s in the model using the panels in the tray (and see it in the Model Space).

Typically Components are going to be Grouped together. So maybe there is a “Level 1” Group and everything on level one is in it. You’d have to ‘click into’ the group (Double Click) and then click to select a component… and then Click Into the component to open it for editing. So you click your way into nested Groups and Components.

You can see what’s selected / open for editing in the Outliner and in the Model Space - blue bounding boxes (selected), greyed when you are inside of the context for editing.

Make a copy of your file for practice so you don’t have to worry about mistakes. Try selecting things, opening them for editing, making changes etc. Try just adding a section plane or two to get a feel for how they work.

This thread could be like one of those made for tv movies where the pilot of a 747 has a medical emergency and a passenger lands the plane after being talked down by air traffic control!

Good luck!