Section planes

I use the section plane tool very often to submit elevations, but I must be doing something wrong because I end up with so many of them that I then cannot get to the latest plane. I did watch a tutorial yesterday which suggested grouping the section [which I have never done, but I will try] - do you think that this would solve my problem ? Thanks

How about posting a .skp file showing your issue, this will help clarify things. Also please update your profile with the correct information.

Will do - what’s wrong with my profile ?

I think the issue is your computer is listed as just a hard drive and no version of SketchUp is listed.

I would also recommend using Outliner to activate (or just fond) the section plane you need.

When I learnt how to use Skup, quite a few years ago, the tutor had not suggested using Outliner I only heard about it on the Tutorial I followed yesterday

There are a few tutors out there that actually don’t know everything, you must have hit the one that din’t know that bit.

Well then… this may help…

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Many thanks appreciate your help
For some reason I am not managing to upload my skup file