Can I use the "Section Plane" tool to modify a model

I have created a model of a 4 drawer cabinet and actually build the cabinet(my thickness planer is mounted on it).
I now have to build another cabinet for my compound mitersaw… This cabinet has to be 1.75" less in height.
I am trying to create a new SketchUp model of the new cabinet without having to draw everything from scratch.
By copying and pasting the original cabinet twice, each time to a separate drawing and using the section plane
tool I now have 2 models. One is of the lower portion and one is of the upper portion of the new model.
However I can not seem to copy and paste one to the other. The pasted copy is not identical to the original.
It does not matter whether I copy and paste the upper to the lower or vice versa.
Thanks for any help!

The Section tool is for display purposes only. It doesn’t actually cut the model, and if you turn off the display of sections you can see that the model remains intact.

There are all kinds of ways to modify a copy of a model to new dimensions, none of which involves the Section tool. If you tell us specifically what you’ve got and what you want to do, we can advise you better.


Thank you Gully for your reply. As soon as I figure out how to add an image to my post I’ll be back and hopefully will be better able to explain what I was trying to do.
Again, Thanks…

You could try using the scale tool in one direction and then reset the thickness of the Base plate.

Good luck!


If I understand your suggestion correctly, that would change the vertical dimension of all components, i.e. drawer slides, drawer bottoms, etc. I don’t think that would give me a very practical model to work from. Thank you nevertheless.

Right-clicking on a section plane has the “Create group from slice” menu option that gives you a set of edges at the intersection of the section plane and your model, These can be used to actually cut your model into pieces. Otherwise section planes don’t have any actual impact on your model.



Thanks Anssi. I tried that on my “sliced” models but it did not create edges. I still looked into the cavities of the various components of the sliced model.
Thank you.
I tried to upload my models into a post but they are too big, approx. 5.2Mb I have spent so much time on this and could have build the cabinet itself by now. But I’m a stubborn old coot, with the emphasis on old and thought I had found a short cut.
Again thanks everyone for replying!


As I said, there are all kinds of ways to modify geometry. You can move individual faces and edges to new positions or make them new lengths. You can stretch or squash; you can slice or combine, you can scale along any axis.

But you have to tell us what you’re trying to do. From where do you want to take the 1.75"?

(You can add an image to a post at the cursor position by dropping the url on the editing window.)


Just post your model, some one will show you how to do what you want. That will be probability quicker and more accurate. It appears to are stove piped, assuming a solution that may be not be the one you should use. Freedo’s scale tool comes to mind since it has the capability to change dimensions in one plane while not the others. Design, click and build postings for FineWoodWorking have post showing what you want to do also.

The “Create group from slice” function doesn’t create any faces, only edges. Also, the group sits exactly at the same place as your section plane so you won’t even see it unless you move or turn off the section plane. If you want a semiautomatic process that creates a face to hide your cavity, you can try TIG:s “Section Cut Face” plugin.


If I understand you correctly, you simply want to duplicate the existing drawing and make a few changes. I usually just save the original drawing under a new name (go to FILE - Save As) and make the necessary modifications to the new file. The original will not be changed. Hope this helps - sorry if I am not understanding the problem

The problem may have been resolved in 7 years. :thinking: