Suggestion/Help needed

Hi, i’m new to sketchup & this forum.
I would appreciate your guys help for this problem, I’m already 2 days looking for a solution.

So I have this object in sketchup (left) and I need to become this (right):

the dimensions are the same, I tried several plugins such as roundcourner plugin, but nothings helps me…
I’ve even tried the ‘sandbox’ tool which is not the right thing.

Does anybody has suggestions? I would appreciate it alot!
I will add the skp file in attachment

Thanks alot!
sketchup_window.skp (129.7 KB)

I would start by working out the sectional profile vertically and horizontally. It looks quite complicated because the chamfers vary around the inner window surround and the outer one. If they were consistent, it would be an obvious job for Follow Me. I suspect it may still be a Follow Me job for the outer surround followed by some editing of the elongated top chamfer.

The inner surround looks to be square edged except at the bottom.

Get rid of those diagonals. Select exterior rectangle edges and offset to interior. Push pull rectangle and use roundcorner plugin. Select the interior face and scale it.

Sounds great. How about a video demo?

I’m on a phone, sorry! I’ll make it when I’ll get to the computer.

Learn how to use SketchUp’s powerful native tools before resorting to unnecessary plugins.

Follow the progression in this example model.
The Scale tool is used to create the tapered sides.

Window Panel.skp (635.6 KB)

Note there are no Layers.
Also note there are no materials applied.


Thank you very much, because I tried already what you suggested but the roundcourner plugin reacted with rounded courners outside the object.

Ps: sorry for my bad english (living in Greece).

Wow! I can’t thank you enough for the clear explanation in the .skp file!
I didn’t saw the steps in my head earlier…
Thank you!

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Dear Jo,

I’ve tried to repeat your steps but don’t getting it worked with the scale tool to make the tapered sides.
The example you made is not the same size as the window.skp example.
Is there any way you would make it in the same size? Would appreciate it alot since I’m frustrating myself 2 days on this single window thing :exploding_head:

thanks alot again

Perhaps this training video will help.

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Thanks again! :hugs:

Kalispera, @Jo1! :wink:


Efcharisto! :slight_smile: