Mitre all sides of irregular shaped object with different angles


Not sure if this is the right section…my apologies if it isnt.

I need help making mitre edges of different angles on an object. Basically a 20mm “board” for a speaker. I’ve half-assed made it work but the angles don’t seem to line up with another “board” its meant to meet. I’ve been drawing angles and then erasing the waste. Takes forever so there must be a faster and easier method.

Please help!


Hi, You might try the “RoundCorner” plugin by Fredo6 as it has a “bevel” tool…

Hi Paddyclown, thanks for the quick reply!

I just started using sketchup and don’t know what that is or how to execute it. Any chance you can explain further or post a walkthrough? I’ve literally been using it for about 4 days!


If you could attach a model (.skp) or even a screenshot or pic of what you are working on, someone will be able to help.

I’ll make a video showing several methods for you.

Why did you just start with SketchUp 2021?

Thanks Dave! That is a great video! That should get me sorted. I will post my project tomorrow as im currently in the Philippines and it’s late here!

2021 is just the version i have access to.

Thanks again!

Hey Dave,

Any idea why the link to your video won’t work today?


Hi, the plugin is available here: FredoCorner | SketchUcation

There are videos on that page that should explain it much better than i ever could !

Good luck.

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