Miter edges on 3-4 sides


I have watched lots of tutorials on creating things in sketchUP. I have successfully created 2-3 projects so far. I have run into a minor hiccup creating miter edges I am currently using it to design some furniture projects that I am going to be doing in the near future.

I created my rectangle piece of “wood” to the appropriate size and dimensions. I added in my half lap joints on the one “board” then I made that one board into a component. I did the same things to get my 7 boards that are in the panel (so there are 7 components). I then want to copy this panel 2 times to give me 3 pieces. 2 out of 3 panels will have a mitered edge on the left, right and bottom and the one on the bottom will have a miter on all 4 edges. How can I get sketchup to create those miters after the panel is done?


I’m sure I can show you how to do it but it would be nice to see your model to know exactly what you’ve got so far. Could you share the SKP file? If you don’t want to share it publicly, send it by private message.

I can do that once I get home.