New to this - help with designing a craft desk with storage

I’m new to this, but I did go to school for graphic design so I just need help with getting the design, instructions and dimensions on this app. I’m looking to build something like this, but with slightly different dimensions.

Show us an image of what you have in mind. And if you haven’t already, watch the Sketchup Campus Learning Centre videos at - Sketchup Fundamentals.

craft desk_main.pdf (261.4 KB) craft desk-dimensions.pdf (112.3 KB)

I found this on Wayfair and want to re-create it with different dimensions.

Two different tables but from a construction point of view both are pretty basic. I would suggest learning how to make basic components. Follow the suggestion John made about the Fundamentals so you get the hang of the software. Once you have that sorted, I would model these by creating each part that you’d make to build the table and make the part a component before moving on to the next part. If I were modeling these I would model the parts in place and make copies of those components that have identical counterparts such as the legs or the sides of the book case.

Are you only using the web version or are you using SketchUp 2020, too?

I’m using the free web version. I just downloaded it about an hour or so ago. It’s all one piece from what I can tell. Also, I just started watching the Fundamentals so hopefully that will help.

The table can’t be made out of one piece of wood. That would take a huge tree and there’d be an awful lot of waste.

Once you get through the fundamentals, give it a go and see how you get on. Come with specific questions. That’ll make it easier to help you.

Thanks so much for your advice. I do see what you are saying about it being 2 pieces. That makes more sense. I’m sure I’ll be back with more specific ?s

I did a quickie of the table with the shelves at the end using the overall dimensions from the other one.

Each “board” in the table is a component.

One thing you might find useful when you do get to modeling it is to model it at the given dimensions and then make the changes as needed. That will help you compare what they designed to your design.

Wow! That’s amazing how quickly you were able to do that! I’m wanting to make mine 24"W x 38"H x 54"L. I’m wanting to create the design so I can get the dimensions of each piece to buy the materials.

It comes with practice. I modified the table to your dimensions. This was easy because I was leveraging the power of components throughout.

In the online version of SketchUp you can get the dimensions of the parts by measuring each one and noting the dimensions. If this is the sort of thing you need to do more than once or on more complex projects, you might find it worthwhile to switch to the desktop client version of SketchUp so you can use a cut list extension to give you that list quickly. I got this from my model. I took a stab at the top thickness and it’s probably not what you would wind up with so the dimensions would need to be adjusted.
Screenshot - 4_20_2020 , 5_15_30 PM

As long as you are using this just for your hobby or personal use, you could use SketchUp 2017 Make. If you’re using it for your business you would need to go to SketchUp Pro or Shop for the online version.

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OMG, that is Amazing!!! I will enjoy learning SketchUp then I can hopefully help my boyfriend find the breakdown dimensions he would need to build some shelves in our garage. For now, you have helped me tremendously!!! I am very grateful for that :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m glad that helped. SketchUp can indeed help you see the shelves before they are built, work out how they should be built and what materials you’ll need.

Maybe I should chat with your boyfriend and apologize. :crazy_face:

LOL, your right that I think I might fall in love with this app. When I was a child, I use to build build with m dad a little bit. He did basic things with plywood and 2two-by-fours. My boyfriend just bought a saw to build his shelves and I bought a sewing machine that I first need a craft table to cut fabric. Then I want to build a desk for the sewing machine itself.

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Can you tell me what is the last column in this list? Also, any suggestions on what type of wood to use? I want to keep it fairly simple and budget friendly (if you know what I mean) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The last column that is cut off is for board feet per piece. That isn’t useful for typical DIY store lumber, though.

Hello again DaveR,

You helped me about 2 weeks ago and I was hoping you could help me again. I’m wanting to build a craft table and you were wonderful enough to quickly design it for me from photos. I’m now thinking I want to add a drawer and I would have to adjust the height to 40" tall.

If you don’t mind could you make these adjustments to the design you already created? I also need new piece dimensions to go buy. Thanks so much!

I can do it in a little while. Where does the drawer go and how big is it supposed to be?

I was thinking it would be under the table top, behind the shelves, and I’m thinking 2" tall. That’s why I think the overall height needs to be 40" instead of 38". Thanks so very much!!!

A 2 in. tall drawer won’t be very deep inside. What do you want to use for the bottom of the drawer?

You can make the drawer whatever size you think would be a good fit. Then adjust the height accordingly. I would think cork board or whatever drawer bottoms are usually made of. You obviously know more about this than me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: