Need help getting started (Brand New User)

I’ve never drawn anything in Sketchup. I started to work out this window seat I want to build, but I was getting no where. I tried to use some tutorials, but I really didn’t see any that were specific to what I was doing.

Can anyone just get me started? I just want a brief explanation on what to do…

Have you spent any time looking at the Getting Started videos on the SketchUp site? Before you try to draw that, you need to get a handle on using the basic tools. What you show doesn’t look like it’ll be especially difficult to model but you do need to know how to use the tools. It’s exactly the same as building the thing for real.

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Here’s the kids window.

If you want a quick start, I think the most relevant tools to learn for this are rectangle, push/pull, and make component.

I’d recommend using the rectangle tool and push pull to make the wood parts that are shaped like rectangular prisms, then make each part a component to separate the geometry. It’s an iterative process where you draw the basic shape, then keep on adding details until you’re done.

I drew a sketch to help you out. It doesn’t have all the parts drawn out, but maybe it’ll help you visualize your design.
Shelves.skp (141.0 KB)


Thanks for the help. Those videos helped out a lot.

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