Components tutorial

I use the online version of Sketchup, Ian looking for help in making components. Is there a online tutorial or set of step by step instructions? I am a individual, making furniture, wood art is a hobby and use Sketchup to design and draw pieces. Thanks all.

What kind of components are you thinking of? I would guess most of the components you need will be of the pieces of wood you would use to build the project. General workflow would be to model a part and make it a component before you move on to modeling the next part. My process would be to start with the parts that define the footprint of the project and get them into the right places and then model the parts that go between them.

You could start with the Fundamentals at

By the way, your profile says you are using the desktop SketchUp 2017 Make. If you are using the web version, please update your profile. That information is useful in giving you help when you ask about how to do things.

Thank you