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Hey guys, I am new here. I am working on a 7.5 or 1/8 scale railroad truck side frame. I am having a heck of a time rounding the corners. I have attached my skp file along with a photo of what I am trying to do.
Any help would be appreciated.

Well heck I guess I cant attach anything.

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Now try again with better luck.

Lol Lets see if this will work

SIDE FRAME with countors.skp (1.4 MB)

What I am trying to do is contour everything so the male part releases from the molding sand. Hope this makes sense.

swingitMy design Side Frame.skp (134.1 KB)

Here is another Photo with a basic frame design in sketchup

I’m a completely newbie so I probably cannot help, but for round corners you maybe find interesting TrueTangents plugin developed by TIG.

I’ve been doing exercises (with SketchUP) from here and his plugin was very useful.

Ill check it out. I found a video that shows another option. I am trying it now. Also checking out the links you posted.

I haven’t looked at your file but if I’m on the right track (no pun intended!) You may find this useful:

You will need to install this first for it to work:

I had a quick look at your model. You have a single-face thickness at the bottom, and a number of reversed faces.

You could try Scaling the bottom about its centre, shrinking it a little, to create a taper on the sides. That should allow the mould to release.

I had a quick go, to illustrate the principle.
With much fiddling, I traced round the ends of the ‘hole’ components, to create openings in the bottom face.

SIDE FRAME with countors - revised JWM.skp (1.8 MB)

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Super… This looks great, Notice in the photo how the center is thicker and as it goes towards the edge it gets smaller. I tried what they call a two rail sweep in my cam software with no luck. Also found this you tube video what shows kinda what I am looking for. Not sure how to accomplish that task,

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