Rounded object

Hello all,

Could someone help me with making rounded bench sticks?
I was trying with Roundcorner extension but I can’t manage it.

Thank you in advance!

Probably need to scale it up first. Try scaling up by a factor of 1000. Soften the edges and then weld the remaining visible ones before running Round Corner.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says you are using the “Free PLan” wich would be the free web version. That does not have any option for using extensions like Round Corner. Please correct your forum profile.

Thank you for your fast answer.
I’m a sketchup newbie so I need to ask one more question. Do I need to soften all edges including this one and also front edges before Round Corner?

Just soften the vertical edges between face that are nearly in the same plane.

I did what you told me. Now. I have 250 overlaping …
SRAFURA NOVA.skp (399.5 KB)
I dont know how to fix that. The solution is to change pattern…
Offset small branches 25-30 big 50-60. But I also have problem to do that one per one.

How did you create this thing in the first place? Did you draw it in SketchUp? Or use some other application?

As for the overlapping faces after running Round Corner, usually you just have to select the geometry, use Intersect Faces and then delete the unwanted stuff.

You’ll probably need to work in small sections and make the roundover radii smaller for some areas than others.

I drew in sketchup with lines. As I mentioned before Im SketchUp newbie I need this for the student work. Is that any other easier way to do that? I want to make just circular form not rectangular. I was trying with follow me but I have problem to connect branches.

First you ought to take the time to go through the tutorials at

I think maybe a different extension would be appropriate. Maybe SubD. But you should first learn to use it on a simpler model.

Do you have an image/hand sketch of what you actually want to create?

Could you send me that file? Something like that. To imitate wooden branches.
Thank you very much for helping you all.

But this way you will not learn about how to create such a model. :neutral_face:
crengi-v2.skp (1.9 MB)

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First watch some videos about quad modeling, subD need quads to be able to create a clean subdivided mesh, otherwise ther could be problems when you subdivide.