Suggestion: automate profile updating

I think filling out the profile is not easy at all.
I would like to show a couple of examples that even if you have the best intentions to fill it in correctly, you will make a mistake.

Let’s take, 1st example, the options that the forum provides for License Type:

  • Pro Plan
  • Go Plan
  • Studio Plan
  • Free Plan
  • SketchUp for School

Let’s compare what is available on the Website:

  • Go, Pro, Studio
  • Higher Education
    -For Students, -For Educators, -For Universities
  • Primary & Secondary
    -SketchUp for School

Does it match?


Steve writes that he uses SketchUp Version: Studio 2024 (24.0.483). There is no such version as Studio xxxx. Studio could be the marketing name for the subscription, but since Steve uses a Mac, Studio doesn’t fit that either. ( according to the website: Studio is Windows only)


Both Box and Dave write that they use SketchUp Version: Go. There is no such version as Go. Go is the marketing name for the subscription. If you mean to use the streamlined version of desktop modeler, then the correct expression is: SketchUp for Web. Which does not have a version, however you can query the last date of change if you go to About… ( Apr 4, 2024, the latest)


I have a Studio license (also classic), but I write Pro because when I installed the part belonging to the Studio license I did not installed.


We have argued for years for a better simpler system, but they keep moving the goal posts and keep changing the ball.

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I think I’ll edit my profile and remove all traces of any SketchUp version or operating system.

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Make sure you wipe your ass in the process. Just doesn’t read right without the ars e.


I didn’t mean it as a bad criticism, I’m just trying to point out the flaws in the system… :wink: :innocent:

I put Go and SketchUp for iPad in my profile to indicate I am using them in addition to SketchUp on the desktop. I’ve removed them, though.

As Dave mentioned, I have Go and Ipad in my profile too as it means I can answer questions related to those options.
The whole point of a Profile is to give relevant info both ways.
I have no interest in the opinion of pilot on how to saddle a horse. However he or she may well know the answer but I would prefer some general understanding of their skill set before accepting their solution.
Hence we try to provide an overview of our basic skillset within sketchup.
I think I’ll change mine to Latest.

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My subscription is actually Studio. That’s what was bought for me in case I wanted to do things on a PC. But since I usually run on Mac and am more likely to know an answer there, I listed the version.

I’ve gone in and updated my profile only to miss the save button on the very bottom of the page. There I was thinking I had updated. I agree with others that the profile is not easily accessible.

Having an option in the message editor might be a good place to ‘automate’ adding info.

Something like a preformatted but modified ‘signature’ that has the required fields added to the message. In the case that the person has filled out the profile, it’s added. In the case that they have not, the empty fields are inserted into the post. At least that way the poster could then add their info to the preformatted list right inside the post.

So when responding you could say something like, "Edit your post and select, Add System Info, under the gear icon.

I’m only thinking this in my head, if you need help to fill in your profile, ask, and then go to the campus to learn the fundamentals and then create a thread to ask about your specific issue.

To add to that… I forget the details but Unity has links to their forum from their tutorials. That would be a good way to point people to the correct discussions.