Automatic profile picture NOT WANTED

I have just signed up for a SketchUp forum account. Within 5 minutes, your system has found a profile picture for me that I do not wish to use for this account. The picture was appropriate for the account where I originally uploaded it, but it is inappropriate for your forums.
I am attempting to stop this profile picture from spreading any further in an automated way. Can you PLEASE let me know from where this profile picture was obtained?
Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the reply.
I NEVER use facebook, google or anything else to sign up. I always use a “clean” new account every single time. The other telling factor is that Google, Facebook, Outlook and every other such service I use have profile pictures that are DIFFERENT to the one that was captured here.
Are you able to talk to your web development people to find out how my new SketchUp account was able to grab this picture?
Than you,

Ah, cool. Got it.
Your Profile Picture section helpfully provided the details. It used a service I signed up for ages ago called Gravitar. All I need to do is update this image.
Thank you!

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Just adding in my $.02 worth, but the avatar on your post looks pretty cool to me.

He already changed it. It was a duck.