Suggestion: automate profile updating

Whomever runs the website should automate the site to ask people to update/validate their profile every X amount of time. This has to be one of the most consistently asked things in this forum.

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yeah but 86% of the time it’s because people put rubbish in their profile, stuff like “free 2024, last os and magical GPU”

and/or are unable to formulate a proper message. they’ll post “it crashes all the time” and leave us guess what, when, how, on what machine.

but yeah, a yearly reminder could be useful for people to be reminded to update their profile… and that they have a forum account they can use even if all is going well.


My most hated one is, ‘Latest’ usually when you check they don’t have the latest.


Then make it a dropdown box.

The License Type field is already a dropdown box and people can’t or won’t get that right.

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It’s no wonder people don’t update the license type, version etc, it’s way too hidden and not obvious when writing a post.

It should be just as obvious to a person before posting as it is to people viewing the post.

Dont let people comment until this attribute is set/updated. I presume most of the time its either not set or outdated because it was set years ago.

I agree with you but it’s not within my power to do athing about it.

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Im more saying to whomever maintains the website. This can be managed better because its …always… brought up.
… but you shouldnt make excuses for it or justify it either.

This is low hanging fruit that would ultimately save you as one who answers a lot of these question time and patience in the end.

Im not making excuses. It should be easier to update but it’s put in front of them when they first join and they don’t or won’t put the right information.

We could also force them to be specific about which graphic card they use, and not just the brand.

I joined this forum years ago. SKP updates happen yearly Most people are not going to think about updating a backend profile setting on any schedule to a forum.

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There are two problems.

One is with people too lazy to fill the profile correctly when they join. Perhaps this could be improved by eliminating ability to type in random junk.

The other is with people who fail to update their profile even when informed it is wrong. Making it easier to find the profile edit instead of burying it beneath several layers of menu under your avatar would help, but it seems that only a few people come back and say “I can’t find where to update it”. Most just simply ignore the request.


hence making it a requirement to having the profile filled out and/or updated before being able to comment/create posts.

and i wouldnt complain is that was what was needed. I, also tend to give those details in a thread in which i believed it would be related to a graphics driver.I just dont want to make the community jealous of the expensive hardware i use :wink:

How would the forum software know that a profile needs to be updated? Perhaps if there was a flag that other users could set?

Server side code can check profile attributes when creating posts or replying comments. If they really want to step it up, forum accounts can be tied to actual SKP accounts and that data can be acquired automatically that way. I believe enscapes forum does something to this effect in which they know the details of peoples bug crashes when they post on their forum.

Surely if you already know it is relevant it is no longer relevant, which is pretty much the point of these things. Filling the profile in fully allow those of us that have spent decades storing up irrelevant information in the back of our brains an opportunity to use it, rather than making many guesses and speculating until we final winkle out a specific graphic card issue could be the problem.

Having said that, and hating the appalling profile habits, this is a forum and the majority of people come here for help when they have a problem, they don’t hang around here waiting to have a problem. Therefore they just want an answer and it is unfortunately understandable that they don’t want to bother filling in the boxes. We need to accept that and ask them to correct it as necessary.
You’ll find that we answer where possible even without the correct profile and ask for it when to enable continued help.
Even knowing the system I am annoyed by forums and websites that ask me to fill in all sorts of stuff before I can ask a question or get an answer. I often don’t bother.

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Its typically asked because the info is typically outdated.
…and the point is, if the site required this in to be maintained then users like yourself wouldnt have to ask this info to be updated in 50% of the problem threads on this site. It can be automated and therefore mitigated… and should be automated into the forum to manage this better for… everyone.

yeah, exactly, we do. and it turns out that MANY people just dont know anything about their machines too.
even after making a step by step tutorial I got a few MPs from people asking for help…

What matters in the end is information. If someone were to come here with an empty profile but presented their problem with a complete list of infos about the machine, the version, the install, crash reports, list of things they tried, I would completely forgive the empty profile.
Fact is, in too many case, it’s a vague description and an even more vague profile. and we have to extract basics infos through interrogation.

FYI, I’m flagging the thread as off topic, asking an admin to separate it in two. The early messages will remain there, but the whole discussion about profile should go to Meta in its own thread I think :slight_smile:

edit : thanks Colin for the split :slight_smile:

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