Suddenly can't enter specific dims to line or tapemeasure etc

my sketch up drawings stopped allowing me to enter specific dimensions to line, tapemessure etc.
Does anyone have a clue why ? and what to do.
Im new to it and probably switched on some wrong button.
The note in red , following a click, and attempt to entrer for example 12", says “constraint not appropriate” at this time

Can you post a screenshot of what you describe seeing?

Have you accidentally toggled NumLock off, so you are typing what you think is a number but is actually an arrow key?

Another crude possible fix. Save your model. Restart SU. Try again.

I’m post rotator cuff surgery an been practicing SketchUp in a sling.
Reaching across keyboard and what’s there next to the fraction key…Num lock
Thank you

Awkward with one hand, isn’t it? I tripped over an unlit step in a path in the dark 10 days ago, and broke my forearm radius bone - fortunately in my left arm, as I’m right handed.

Only needs a sling, not splint or cast, and mostly doesn’t hurt unless I twist my wrist or knock my arm.

But putting on trousers is hard one handed!

You have my sympathy!

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