Unresponsive measurement

Suddenly I can no longer enter a dimension . The tape measure measures and the rectangle rectangles but I can’t enter anything. I get a ‘constraint not appropriate at this time’ message. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Can you post a model which shows this behaviour, with a description of what you are trying to dimension?

It’s possible it’s a graphics care/OpenGL issue, but you haven’t identified your graphics card.

Look in Device Manager.

There’s a longer post somewhere in the forum detailing how to identify your graphics card, but I can’t find it . Maybe @DaveR can locate it? I know he’s posted a link to it before.

Thank you John for replying .I’m a little embarrassed. I’ve discovered that I’d inadvertently broken or turned off my right hand numerical keypad. Only when typing a letter using the top row numerals did it dawn on me. DUH!
Any ways thank you so much Peter

Don’t worry - “Obviously, the obvious isn’t obvious, or more people would be doing it” - by someone called Goffman, but I haven’t been able to trace the source.

Possibly Erving Goffman, but Wikiquote doesn’t include this one.

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