Subtract a screw from a box


I am trying to subtract the shape of a screw from a box but I’m having some problems.
I checked the screw with solid inspector, and shows a couple of problems but I am not sure which steps I need to follow to get a box with the shape of the screw.

See screenshot and file attached

Thanks in Advance!

substract screw from box~.skp (1.5 MB)

How will you use this once you have the threaded hole in the block? Is this for looks or for 3D printing? Assuming the latter, one approach would be to let Solid Inspector fix what it can and repair the rest of it manually so the screw is a solid component. Then make the block a solid component before subtracting the screw from the block.

Alternatively, you could explode the screw component, use Intersect Faces to make any needed intersections at the top face of the block, and then erase the bits of the screw that protrude from the block.

Due to the very small size of the screw, you’ll want to use Dave Method for either of these processes. If you choose to use Subtract, use the one in Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools2 so that the block doesn’t get converted into a group.

Also assuming this is for 3D printing, it’s worth considering that the screw component is pretty rough and won’t yield very nice threads in the material. Also consider that normally the female threads are not an exact duplicate of the male threads. I’d be inclined to just draw a smaller hole in the block and tap it after the printing is complete.

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Not sure if this is important, but the screw threads are left-handed.


I noticed that, too. Figured there might be a reason.

The threads also look a bit deep to me.

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I think the scale is off too?..otherwise it’s gonna need one helluva tool to put it in !

Thanks you all lot for your help,

as you correctly guessed this would be for 3d printing, there is no special reason to choose this screw over I just used this one to illustrate a problem I am facing when when downloading a screw design from and trying subrstract the shape.

With solid inspector when I clicked on fix external faces is deleting half of the screw, so I guess this requires me to do manual work.

In the next weeks I will explore the options you mentioned here, all best.

That’s why I suggested you scale the model up further.

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