Subtract a non solid object! Help!


Hi every one! I need Help!

I’m modeling this thing

this works in this way:

I’m doing this part

It’s a perforated sheet with 4mm thick folded creating a cylinder with 168mm diameter

I already did it, (now looking at the pictures the holes are smaller and closer).

I did it in this way:

  1. create this

  1. then use the FredoScale - Radial Bending tool to bend like this:

Then I copied, turned, and put the pieces together.

I exploded the pieces, then group everything.

Now I need to make a hole in the perforated pipe to insert the other pipe, its the pipe where water come from and will pass thru the holes

I’m trying to use the solid tool to subtract, and when I select the perforated pipe the sketchup give me this message:

So!! This group is not solid and I need to put it solid! I used the SolidInspector2 to see were are the errors, and there are lots of errors!!

I’m tired of it! Is there any way to make the pipe drilled and make a hole in it to insert another pipe?

Here are my sketchup file:

Arr! I cant upload it, it’s 6Mb size! I hope you can help!


Learn to use the native tools in SketchUp Pro before resorting to unnecessary plugins.
In order of operations:
• Radial Array
• Solid Tools > Subtract
• Linear Array
• Solid Tools > Outer Shell


Geo’s method is awesome. If you get tiny face failure in the future, then you can use the “Dave method” to solve it. Basically, copy a component, then scale it up 100x. When you edit the big component, then small component won’t get tiny face failure.


Thank you for the lesson, Geo.

I did not understand the part of the “Radial Array” and “Linear Array” but I was able to do what I wanted through the images. Great Idea!

By the way, is there any way to subtract the holes all at once? instead of doing one by one?


Yes. If the cylinders you use to drill the holes are all in a single, solid group or component.

I used Subtract from Eneroth Solid Tools instead of the native one so that the ring remains as a component.


Awesome! Now i get it! Thank You Dave!


I’ll just throw this in as the fully manual way of doing a radial then linear array of holes.


See this <4-minute training video:

That’s precisely how it was done in the example.

Learn to keep the Entity Info dialog open as you’re modeling.
Use it to interrogate the example model.

Notice the radial array of hole cutters is a Solid Component as is the Pipe Segment component.
That way, Solid Tools > Subtract cuts the holes all at once.


Wow! Now I understand the meaning of “radial and linear array” I liked the box’s methode! Nice and clean!

Thank’s Box and Geo!


Spot the Difference Puzzle


I didn’t bother staggering them, you only need to use 2 segments, one without a hole and rotate the ring once before doing the linear array with two rings.
My gif was about showing the structure of the geometry, as in, by turning on hidden geometry you can place the circle for the hole on a single face rather than crossing over the edges.