Subscription auto-renewal period can't be changed

Just received notification that my subscription will be auto-renewed on Nov1 for 2 years at $598. Since there is no discount for paying 2 years in advance, it makes sense to pay the $299 annually. However, on the Trimble Account there’s no way to change to an annual subscription.

The only way I can see around this is to turn off auto-renewal, let the original subscription expire and then initiate a new annual subscription.

Any potential pitfalls with this approach? I don’t want to get into reinstalling everything because the license somehow changed.

Probably best to submit a ticket to SketchUp’s Customer Support since it will likely require their services to get you sorted out.

That’s the easiest way to change plans (let one expire and than get a different plan)
You don’t have to reinstall anything, just be sure to have it assigned to the same email address.

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What Mike said, except it doesn’t even have to be the same email address. You would be starting a new subscription, with whatever updated details you want to change (the main one being that it’s now annual).

It renewing for two years might be unexpected for most people, and quite a few people will have taken that deal. @ty_s I can imagine there being a few refund requests coming in.

I checked over the last subscription payment and it was the two year special deal at $240 that was offered just before the M&S arrangement ceased for Classic users. That is why I assume the renewal was for 2 years.

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