SU22 problem with mouse communication

There appears to be a minor bug in SU Pro 2022 regarding communication with the mouse. I had been working on a model, and was experiencing sporadic problems with not being able to get the mouse to communicate with the program. The problem kept getting worse, and finally I couldn’t do anything using the mouse, except move the cursor. I installed a brand new mouse, and there was no difference. The cursor could be moved about the screen normally, but nothing else worked. I couldn’t try anything else, because I couldn’t get out of the program normally. I found that I could context click on items on my taskbar, and was able to get the program closed. I opened it up again, and everything was normal with either mouse.

The only issues with mice are on the user end. Are these mice wired or BT? If BT there may be interference with the signal. Try moving the receiver to a location away from the PC.

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It’s an RF mouse. There has never been any issue, at any time to this point. Without changing anything, all that was needed was to close the program down, and open it up again. I’m thinking it most be some interaction between the SU code and Windows 11. I’m especially suspicious of Windows since I got one of those dreaded updates a few days ago.

That would tend to do it. @colin Has support seen anything?

Not that I know of. I test with Windows 11 a lot, but mostly with trackpad.

SketchUp does use extensions to read things like Space Mouse, but I would have thought a wireless mouse would appear like any other mouse.

I just talked to a friend of mine who is a programmer and software developer. I described the problem to him, and he went through the multitude of things that could be happening. But the bottom line was that we may never know. The fact that it was a problem that became progressively worse, he felt implicated Windows more than anything. I wish I could relay much of what he said, but it was way over my head.

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