Let me ask this question another way

I purchase the educational version of Sketchup pro from Creation Engine every year. :(.
I have also purchased 4 3dconnexion Space Mice within the last 4 years :frowning:
1 Older enterprise - Worked very well at first but now totally unusable :frowning:
2 Compact 1 - Worked very well at first but now totally unusable :frowning:
3 Compact 2 - Works very well but corded :frowning:
4 Wireless - Breaks between Sketchup versions and updates.

??? I noticed your team uses the enterprise… how do you keep it connected and working smoothly between Sketchup versions??? Please create a Youtube episode for it PLEASE
( Windows ) I am tiered of messing with Mac… :frowning:

With Bluetooth it is imperative to have the receiver away from other devices to prevent electrical interference. I have my receiver on an extension cable to have it close to the location of the transmitter. This is also the case with my MX2 Mouse. Since doing this I have NO issues with either device.

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Thank you. what is your workflow to connect the mouse after your sketchup update?

I do nothing different from the period prior to an update. Open SketchUp and work as normal.

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wow aren’t you lucky. Even if I do a simple point update I have to reboot and start all over setting up my mouse. UGG
Thank you

Whenever a new SketchUp full version is released, you need to download and install a compatible driver and plugin from 3DConnexion. When 2021 came, the driver was released some weeks afterwards.

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So I am not alone on this. It really takes me several uses to get the mouse working like on the previous version.
Thank you sir.

When prior to changing the mouse driver are you backing up the settings so all one has to do is restore them to the new driver?

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Ok. thats apart of the workflow I have tried a few years back but not lately.

Be glad you aren’t using a 3DConnexion device on a Mac. 8 months after release of Big Sur, 3DConnexion is still struggling to get their beta driver working fully!