Issues with LogiPOP mouse Bluetooth in SketchUp 2022

I received an update to Sketchup Pro version 22 on my work laptop yesterday and my mouse that I have been using for over a year has trouble working, it laggs, it stops, every couple of minutes. The mouse is POP MOUSE, wireless Mouse with Customizable Emoji - and it works great on my personal laptop and at any time that Sketchup is not started on my work laptop. Local IT can’t help because the mouse is not the standard hardware offered by my company. I have done all the updates from Logitech. Does anyone else encounter this issue? Is it a bug that has to do with the update to SKP 22 or Windows? Thank you! :pray:

I gave up using BT mice long ago, my experience with them was they were generally flaky and could be upset by the smallest things. Wifi could interfere, windows updates changed the drivers all the time, another BT device could interfere etc etc.
None of this helps you find or fix your mouse, it’s just a general observation. It seems the more fancy the mouse the more problems.


Totally agree. Logitech wireless mouses work OK when using the included dedicated USB transceiver.

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I thought the same, for years I used both MX (mouse + key) with the dongle.
Until recent a few upgrades when I realised that after an hour, logitech processes were using 700-900mb of RAM. every day. up to 1,2Gb after a long day.

I switched to bluetooth on both, it’s down to 50mb after 3h, it won’t go beyond 100mb.
I assume it’s using the standard bluetooth protocols while the dongle needs some extra processes and apps running (logi bolt, the app to manage the dongle would hog 70-80%)

The dongle is at had if needed, it’s been a month, no trouble on the horizon.

That being said, Is it bluetooth only, or does it have a dongle as well ? if so, does it bugs out and stutter too ? (we need to rule out things to find out the actual problem)

you said you did the updates, you’re using logi option or option+ ?

can you try it on a different computer ? and if possible on sketchup 23 as well ?

Again, it’s to pinpoint where it fails, if it’s YOUR machine or if it’s SU22, or your mouse or… :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but I really like the mouse. And for more than 1 year it worked fine. I find this very annoying, to have to buy another device based on some code changes.

Hey, thanks for your answer.

It does not have a dongle. It just stops responding (don’t know what shutter means in this situation).
logi option was the way I installed and updated.
Works fine on another computer, I do not have acces to skp 23.

Again, it works great, no issues at all if sketchup is not opened. I have been using it all morning, no problem. :frowning:

I’d be curious what the update was, SU22 hasn’t been updated for quite some time, in fact most people are expecting SU24 some day soon so even SU23 hasn’t had an update recently.
The thing is there are a multitude of things that change on a PC over time, particularly with Windows updates.
Perhaps you could roll back to before you updated.

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My bad, I had SU 21 and got an upgrade to SU 22, not un update.

This is what my local IT has to offer at this time. :frowning:

Quite often IT install things badly, limit permissions etc

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the plot thickens.

honestly, I would advise you to wait for a few weeks, and as soon as SU24 is released, go bribe your IT team with chocolate to have them install it :slight_smile: properly. meanwhile, use the official provided mouse just when using SU. at least it works.
you could also ask them to run t he installer as admin and here repair permission. might help.
in both cases, buy chocolates.

this week, I was training someone in a company with such IT service.
They installed Sketchup on the server, making it VERY slow at moment. and they installed it in english, despite being a french company. and they managed NOT to assign the licence to the user.

In the end, they gave her a temporary 1h admin password, and I installed everything right in 10min.

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Sent your idea to one of our IT people, the best in my opinion. She will take the chocolates :slight_smile: No way we can get SU24… apparently Enscape won’t work anymore on our machines and SU 22 was a compromise to start with. I want SU21 back :smiley:

you could ask for 21 back. the only 3 things that you’ll misse will be :

  • 3d warehouse. you’ll have to use it in your browser. it’s not much of a loss to be honnest, better to download, check then import than directly import. Plus, you can use tabs, browser history and even google search

  • extension warehouse. same idea, browser only, apparently paid extensions can’t be accessed anymore, the rest is fine. if you’re using sketchucation as well, you’re fine

  • geolocation. well that one… yeah. You could always use the geolocation in the web version and download to then use in 21 if needed.

You can have several versions installed at once, right now I have 3.
On a PC, the latest version installed will be the default one when opening files. So if they reinstall 21, you’ll have 21 as default and 22 when needed.

yeah, chocolates are always welcome :slight_smile:

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