Mouse Problems in both Sketchup and Layout

I am running both Sketchup Pro on Mac OSX El Cap 10.11.3
Suddenly my Logitech wireless mouse isnt responding correctly in either Layout or Sketchup. It fails to select and will “drop” an item if i am moving it.

I have switched mouse and replaced batteries, reboute etc
Any help appreciated

Using the m570 by chance. Ive had similar issues using such… Havent found a solution as of yet.

No Darkfield. Guess its a Logitech driver issue then. Might try a different make of mouse then as the two i have are both Logitech. Weird that it’s just started as have been using since December.

My issue started after installing SU 2016. Would also be the case with your issue? You can review my thread and see if any info there helps.

most people run Logitech devices on mac’s without any Logitech driver installed, there lots of tips on how to remove them if you do a search…

the built in apple driver seems to deal better with bluetooth, in my experience…