Erratic mouse

I have been working on a design project for a house. I use Sketchup Pro 2023 on a MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536MB Graphic Card
32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Memory and MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1
Lately, without any warnings my mouse (Logitech M720) has become very erratic. As I move it or scroll the wheel, my design zooms out and I cannot stop it. Often the program becomes unresponsive and I have to Force Quit it. Needless to say that I am very frustrated. I imported some items from the 3D Warehouse, but I don’t know how to find out if it is one of the items that is causing the problem.
Can anyone please help me sort this out? I am getting rather upset.

Lately SketchUp hasn’t changed so what has? How long has it been since the batteries were changed? Is the file large? Located at a large distance from the origin? Perhaps you could share the .skp file.

Please complete and correct your forum profile. IT says you are using Windows 10 with a GeForce GTX 460.