What Mouse or Other Drawing Device

I have used a Logitech MU510 wireless mouse for years. It is great for just about everything, but it is frustrating me with SU.

First, when I click on a tool icon to change to it, very, very often it fails to activate the new tool. If I’m moving from the eraser tool to another - say the orbit tool - I wind up erasing part of my drawing accidentally. Yes, it’s easy enough to use Edit>Undo to fix it, but the problem is vexing and relentless. Is it my mouse or something in SU? I cannot determine the answer and would like to know what others have experienced.

In addition to the very annoying icon click problem, I find that when clicking one a point to end a line the point often jumps to a different location. Yes, I understand inference and how it works, but I’m experiencing this even when inferences aren’t involved. What makes it worse is that the move is not always discernible. Is this a function of my mouse or of the software? What are others experiencing in this regard?

It sounds like mouse clicks are not reaching SketchUp reliably. Since SketchUp does nothing special with mouse events, it is likely either an issue with your mouse hardware and driver or with something else in your system that is interfering. Have you tried experimenting with the mouse driver settings? Can you borrow a different mouse from someone to see whether that works properly with SU?

Yes, I’ve looked at mouse settings but found nothing that I thought might be the culprit. Do you have any suggestions for what settings might be causing the problems? What other system components should I check?

I do have another mouse that I can try. Doh (sound of slapping self in the forehead … . .