SU22 crashes on start - extensions warning

I Renamed the Plugins folder so only thing created is by SU - dynamic components, sandbox and trimble connect - in a newly SU created Plugins folder. Crashes each time unless I Skip Extensions. Any ideas? Sent 3 bugsplats, entered a technical support request only to be told the site is down!

Still on Intel machine? There are two crashreports, one from Apple when it crashes, the other from the bugsplatreporter when restarting.
They should be somewhere #1000, what are your bugsplat numbers?

Yes - Intel. Where do I find the Apple crash report and the bugsplats - that ive already sent…


So ive found SU crash reports (.ips files) but I dont know how to upload them here. Says filetype not authorized. Dont know where the Apple crash report is - only a list of Sketchup crashreports in the Console…

The forum only allows upload of certain file types, which does not include .ips. You can zip your file and post the .zip though. (8.0 KB)
Perfect - thanks