MacBook Pro 2016 -- crash on startup (Open or New)

MacBook Pro 2016 15-inch (“touchbar”)
Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB
Intel HD Graphics 530 1536MB

Installed SketchUp Make 2017
SU will open to the initial window (set a default profile, “start using SketchUp”)
If I try to open a file or start a new document, SU crashes and the Bugsplatreport appears on the dock
After the first crash, SU will crash when “Start Using SketchUp” is clicked.
If I delete the installation folder and the sketchup and Trimble plist files, I can re-installed SketchUp and get to the Preference pane and see the video card attributes (Radeon Pro 460)
But as soon as I try to start a new document, I see it build the main window, then crash.
If I don’t open or start a new document and instead just close the app, the next time I open SketchUp, it will crash (and not even get to the point where I can open the Preferences.)
I tried using the Intel graphics and the discrete Radeon gpu, but no difference.
Also, there’s something “sticky” in the installation because even after deleting all files, rebooting and reinstalling, when I start the new instance, it has remembered I chose the “millimeter 3D print” template
I tried selecting other templates, but the same crash behavior occurs.
I’ve searched these forums for topics on the hardware and OS I’m using.

Hi Adam-

Have you had the opportunity to submit any of those bugsplat reports? I looked through the database and didn’t see any that had your name on them, but maybe I missed them.


I assumed bugsplat is automatic.
How do I “submit” the reports?
I’ve noticed it’s a common thing to see a tech support post here saying “no bugsplats for your email” – I’ve downloaded and installed SU 5+ times and I know a couple of times I would type “a@b.c” rather than retype my email repeatedly.
Also, I ended up using an older Mac with an older/slower nVidia chipset to get SU operational, but eventually I’d like to run it on my own Mac.
Tracking user instances by email could mean seeing more than one host hardware configuration. I assume bugsplat can separate out different instances and recognize situations like laptops that have two video GPU subsystems.
btw, I’ve tried with both the built-in and discrete.

The dialog that appears when SketchUp crashes asks you for a description of what you were doing, your name and email address, and then has a “Send error report” button at the bottom. If you don’t put your name down, then I can’t find the crash report by searching with your name. If you don’t click “Send error report”, then the crash report isn’t ever sent to SketchUp. It can be a pain to fill out the info when SU crashes, but we really do take the crash reports very seriously.

I don’t see that dialog!
Ironic – the crash … crashes …

I’m on the Mac with the crashy instance now, so I’ll play with it again for
a second.

It’s a vanilla install of OS X on a MacBook Pro … even if I had some
crazy stuff on here, it should do better than a hard crash. I can probably
put on a screen capture tool (does SU have a preference for one screen
recording app over another?) and try to capture the brief flash of the
desktop before it wigs out.


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