SketchUp Crash every time

i use Sketch up for 1 year…recently my sketchup go or in bugsplat or crash and i don’t understand why… i did this
-unistall SU15
-delete the folder
-install SU16
-remove opengl
i tried 3 times this metod but SU continue to crash…
what can i do??
Sorry for my bad english but i’m italian don’t kill me…

Hello and welcome to the forums DavideG! I am sorry to hear about your SketchUp troubles.While this sort of thing is not my area of expertise, If you would like, I can take a look and see if I can find anything for you. Have you sent in the Bugsplat info when it comes up? I am looking in the logs and want to make sure I get all of the Bugsplats that you have sent in. Did you, by chance, fill in any additional info like a description of what happened or your email?

yes! today i sent a report of bugsplat… i sent bugsplat only this time…

When you sent in the bugsplat did you include your email or any other information? I want to make sure I have the right bugsplat.

the name sure! i wrote Davide. i don’t remamber if i wrote my mail… if this is a problem i can wait another bugsplat and re-send

i forgot to say another problem!
when SU crash not always appear Bugsplat! most of the time SU closes just

@DavideG, after you have submitted the bugsplat, please send me a private message with your email address so that I can review it.

Do you see this crash as soon as you start the SketchUp, for a particular operation, with a particular model,etc.?
For how long did SketchUp work correctly and since when did you start seeing the bugsplat?
Did you upgrade the OS, install new drivers, changed the mouse, etc. on the machine?