SU2023 Crashes after updating Sandbox & Trimble Connect

Yesterday I spotted that in SU2023 the Sandbox & Trimble Connect extensions had updates available. Obviously I updated but since then I get a crash on first start and then selecting reopen from the Apple bug report SU runs after filling in the bug splat.

I have deleted the extensions from the plugin folder and they have reinstated to their previous version and are showing they need updated. All back to normal(?), but I’m not in a hurry to do the updates again. Any one else seen this? @colin

I saw the updates as well, and did update the extensions. Strangely, on Intel Mac it also gave me Dynamic Components as needing updating, where as on M3 only the other two were updated. The updates seemed to go ok, and I don’t get crashing.

Have you tried SketchUp 2024, to see if that works without crashing?

Thanks @Colin . I am trying to solve an extension load issue with Dale (@Whaat ) hoping they weren’t connected but now not so sure. I have only played briefly with SU2024 but everything seems to be working there, so I may transfer sooner rather than later.