Informal Survey: Repeated SU-2021-Pro crashes (1-out-of-5-acesses) when using Component Browser

Informal survey: how many other SU-2021-Pro users are experiencing instability when using the SU Component Browser ?

My i9 iMac with 64gigs RAM rarely ever crashes an app … except for classic license SU-2021-Pro which is now hard crashing every 5th time (or so) that I use the component browser… and believe me it’s getting very old.

Oddly perhaps, I am considering a pro subscription to SU-2022 since it was released this month (January 2022). Half in jest: is Trimble being “too clever by half” and remotely willing my SU-2021-Pro to crash more often to drive me to signup for SU-2022 thinking it will be more stable (;< ) ??

For me, the SU Component Browser has been unstable for many months, but it’s creakiness seems to be accelerating of late. Anyone else seeing this SU unstable behavior ? My SU architectural models are not that complex and I try to keep textures simple as well. Use it mostly to work out experimental residential building geometry before submitting a design to my SkyCiv FEA subscription for structural analysis under various LFRD load combos. Somebody has to experiment with less expensive residential building paradigms - maybe I will get lucky.

I’ve never had a crash of Sketchup when using the Components panel.

Wonderful for you. It’s a datapoint existing on the long tail in my opinion. This forum does seem to cite frustration with the SU Component Browser interface by other users not just myself.

Curious, if you have installed very many SU extensions, perhaps the stability of SU in general correlates with extension issues ? As a moderate level SU user, maybe I lean on more extensions (40 ?) than more experienced users such as yourself.

Well, that got me counting in Extension Manager there are 225 extensions listed. Many I don’t use on a regular basis and probably, if I really dug into it, I could delete quite a few. Could probably speed up the startup sequence.

I also have had no issues with the Component browser. I am on a Windows box.

I also have no issues with crashes from the Component Browser, Windows.

Perhaps a link to a few of these threads would help us find what your issue may be.

— UPDATE ----
Fewer SU crashes since downgrading my 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse driver from v1.70 → v1.6xx. Thank you to another forum member who mentioned his own SU crashes followed closely behind his update of 3D mouse driver to v1.7 as well. I think the 3D mouse driver was a significant factor in my increased SU-2021-Pro crashes. That said, SU even using the older 3D mouse drivers, SU crashes everytime I select a component using the text title from the component browser list instead of the component icon … every time … repeatable crashes under MacOS Catalina. Now that I’ve experienced this I try to remember to only grab a component’s icon not it’s text title from the component browser. When I am in a hurry and forget → CRASH.