SU2023 Mac - Constant Crash

My SU is crashing frequently now. I have quite a few extensions and have been going thru the process of turning on and off to see if I have the culprit. Also looked at Chrome but not sure what is causing the crashing. Mac Mini, M1, 16GB, OS Ventura 13.3.1.

Crash Report 1.pdf (231.9 KB)
Crash Report 2.pdf (268.4 KB)

Hey, have you sent the bugsplat too ? filling your email and all ? so the tech team can have a look and open a ticket ? (@colin comes here every day, if so, he can check)


I have the same config, yet no crashes. does it happen with any specific file ? if so, can you share it (if it’s not work-sensible) so we can try to reproduce the problem ?

I am attaching the BugSplat
Bug Splat.pdf (232.3 KB)

Crash #18701

Submit it via the bugsplat dialog, not here in the forum. This is a volunteer mutual help forum, not an official support site. Few of us can make much sense of a bugsplat and none of us have access to enough inside info to make a solid diagnosis. The crash number though will help Colin to identify the splat in Trimble’s database and bring it to a developer’s attention.

Thanks for updating me on the process. I will start to send these for Colin.

I’ve had this problem before, it was a plugin not optimized that was causing the crashes, this may or may not be your problem but check uninstalling some plug-ins that you’ve installed in the last few days.

Yes, I have been randomly attaching these. Quite a few to address.

out of curiosity, how did you migrate your plugins from SU22 to SU23 ?

  • full clean install ?
  • sketchucation package install ?
  • duplicate from SU22 plugin folder to SU23 folder ?

I did the third, and had some crashes the first day, I ended up turning everything off and uninstalling a couple plugins that were causing trouble - only to reinstall most of them properly without further issues.

The most efficient strategy is to remove half and see if the problem goes away. If so, restore half of the removed ones and see what happens. If not, remove half of the remaining ones. Repeating this halving process will quickly zero in on a culprit, though if there is a clash between two or more extensions rather than just one it will take a bit more effort.


I copied the 2022 folder. I am working not to turn all off and slowly bring back what I believe is stable. It’s crashing all of the time now.

Maybe it would be faster to delete the entire user Plugins folder, reinstall SketchUp, and then install all of your extensions correctly.

yeah, that’s why it’s the risky solution.

I do it every year, if it crashes, I’ll spend 15 min trying to solve it, if I can’t, I’ll just accept my defeat and spend 30 min properly installing stuff. sketchucation helps.

You could update your profile, that says you are using SketchUp 2022 and macOS 12.6, when you’re really using SketchUp 2023 and macOS 13.3.1. It didn’t slow me down much, the bugsplat number of 18701 let me know that you must be using 2023.

The last thing that had happened before the crash involved scflicenseruby.rbe. I don’t know what that is, but it looks like the crash happened at the point that SketchUcation was checking your license for that extension. Could be worth checking if the extension has had an update, or temporarily move it out of your Plugins folder, and see if the crash stops happening.

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Building on what @colin found, do you have the latest version of the sketchUcation store extension? There might have been a bug fix if not.

This appears to be the Sketchucation License file

Colin, can you review a few more crashes from my reports - 24748 and 24750. It’s crashing so much now it is hard to work.

Both crashes happened while some Ruby function was running. One of the two seems to be Enscape related.

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